You’re either reading this on github, or hosted on the web via github pages. This is a meta-page, for notes about the creation and operation of this website.

  1. TODO
  2. Local usage
  3. Jekyll/Kramdown notes
    1. Table of contents
    2. Random
  4. Personal domain


Local usage

> bundle exec jekyll serve

Give it a few seconds after saving to regenerate.

To access from other devices on LAN, add -H Note that this will break the title link, since it will try to link to

Jekyll/Kramdown notes

Table of contents

Add the following markdown where the TOC should be:

1. TOC

Add {:.no_toc} below headings (such as the title) which should not be included in the TOC.


Personal domain

HTTPS certificate is from Let’s Encrypt via Github pages.

I am hosting this on elibaum.com, with a DNS ALIAS for www. However, there is a known issues with Github Pages that causes navigation to www to show a security error: basically, Github is only generating a certificate for elibaum.com, not www.elibaum.com; the latter returns a certificate for www.github.com, instead. (The redirect works fine for http, and returns 301 Moved Permanently, so browsers should cache the redirect…)

Ah, shoot. Just realized trying to run the website from `elibaum.com` means that my email forwarding won't work (since namecheap is providing the email forward).

Nevermind! It still does. Uses an MX record instead of A, and there are apparently some smarts in there so that it doesn’t forward when the messages comes from the forwarding address.